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CollectiveGood Chooses Market Velocity to integrate Trade-In, Free Recycling and Donation Programs

ATLANTA, GA – December 8, 2008-- Market Velocity, Inc., the leading provider of turn-key, web-enabled recycling, trade-in, and donation solutions for Fortune 1000 & consumer electronics manufacturers, and a wholly owned subsidiary of Mediagrif Interactive Technologies Inc. (TSX: MDF), announced today that CollectiveGood, Inc., one of the industry’s top pioneers and leader in the proper recycling and donation of mobile devices has launched its improved and enhanced trade-in, recycling and donation programs using Market Velocity’s TradeUpsTM solution.

CollectiveGood has launched two new, exciting programs through Market Velocity. The first is the Green Phone website, ( where users can go online and trade, donate or recycle for free, their used cell/smartphones. If their used device still has value, the user can receive a check, PayPal or Obopay for the value. If the phone no longer has value, they can safely have the device recycled for free!

The second program is the CollectiveGood website ( where users can trade-in, donate or recycle multiple electronics categories such as PCs, monitors, printers, PDA’s, etc. The program is available to all CollectiveGood customers in the US and Canada. This program offers the unique function of allowing consumers to either receive value for their old electronics, or donate the value to a charity of their choice – with more than 600 charities supported through the program.

“We want to offer CollectiveGood customers the ability to recycle a broader variety of consumer electronics than what we process ourselves.” said Seth Heine, Chief Executive Officer and President of CollectiveGood. “With Market Velocity’s systems, we are able to offer a more useful and valuable resource to our customers – who have a lot more than just cell phones to recycle. We are also proud to offer consumers an innovative option, where they can choose to cash-in the value of their pre-owned equipment or decide to donate the value to a charity of their choice. We believe this will help us reach more consumers, and offer them a wider array of services as they get to choose whether they want to recycle for Love or Money.” added Seth Heine.

“CollectiveGood has a wonderful track record for innovation and commitment to the proper disposal of mobile devices; they’re consistently launching exciting new programs. Market Velocity is helping them to continue to pave the way by offering a simple way for their customers to replace aging assets in an environmentally friendly or philanthropic manner.” commented Mark Eigenbauer, President of Market Velocity. “Now, CollectiveGood customers are able to recognize value from their used devices or donate that value to charity or Go Green and recycle for free.”

“Trade-in programs are a valuable addition to our sales and marketing mix, but they’re typically costly and difficult for companies to implement internally.” says Seth Heine, “Market Velocity provides the tools, resources and know-how to quickly and easily implement online trade-in, recycle and donation programs with automated processes and without the headaches.”

TradeUps™, Market Velocity’s web-based solution, feature state of the art trade-in sites that are fully customizable to each client’s specific needs. Trade-in sites are integrated with all the services required to launch and maintain upgrade programs including instant value look-ups, returns and payment processing. Market Velocity partners with a vast network of remarketers who can offer highly competitive values for used products and CollectiveGood offers end users multiple disposal options including donation and recycling programs that meet the industry’s highest standards for safety and privacy.

About CollectiveGood, Inc.

CollectiveGood is the nation’s premier cell phone recycler, developing programs in partnership with a broad variety of charities, companies, government, schools, individuals, manufacturers and carriers. CollectiveGood’s programs have received recognition for Best Environmental Practices, and the company is involved in a wide variety of standards-setting efforts. For more information, please visit and

About Market Velocity

Market Velocity, the leading provider of turn-key, web-enabled recycling, asset recovery, trade-in, and donation solutions for Fortune 1000 & consumer electronics manufacturers, and a wholly owned subsidiary of Mediagrif Interactive Technologies Inc. (TSX: MDF), makes it simple for technology companies, distributors and resellers to drive new sales and increase market share with creatively packaged online equipment upgrade programs. Market Velocity’s clients are able to attract new buyers with exciting trade-in promotions while offering existing customers compelling, instant trade-in values for previous purchases through Market Velocity’s vast network of remarketers. Customized trade-in sites are integrated with in-depth services and customer support to manage every aspect of trade-in programs, from promotion design through payments processing and extensive market data analysis. End users have multiple equipment disposal options including donations and recycling programs that meet the industry’s highest standards for safety and privacy. Visit to learn more about the industry’s only full-service, web-based solution for trade-in programs and launch your upgrade campaign today.

For further information:

Mediagrif Interactive Technologies Inc.
Kathy Roberge
Director, Communications
Tel.: (450) 677-8797 ext. 3014

CollectiveGood, Inc.
Seth Heine
President / CEO
Tel: (770) 856-9021

Market Velocity, Inc.
Diane Morse
VP Sales and Marketing
Tel: (770-325-6288)

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