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Market Velocity celebrates the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day, with recycling over 1200 tons of IT and consumer electronics equipment in 2009, up 300% from 2008.

Market Velocity’s recycling, trade-in and donation solutions are helping manufacturers do the right thing for the environment and their business on Earth Day and throughout the year.

ATLANTA, GA – April 22, 2010 -- In 2009, Market Velocity’s recycling programs experienced a 300% increase in year over year electronics recycling volume; representing over 1200 tons of recycled materials. A proud member of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) WasteWise program, Market Velocity is committed to helping organizations reduce and recycle technological waste. Market Velocity would like to share this encouraging news on the 40th anniversary of Earth day April 22nd, to promote environmental awareness and adoption of environmentally conscious practices to facilitate the proper disposal of end of life products.

The volume of obsolete electronics equipment entering the world’s landfills continues to rise and is expected to reach 73 million metric tons by 2010 according to Pike Research. In order for the industry to achieve its goals, consumer values, attitudes, and behavior will need to support responsible handling of end-of-life electronics equipment. In partnership with our clients, Market Velocity not only facilitates the proper disposal of this equipment, we strive to provide consumers and end users with easy to use, web-based claim processing tools and processes to make the recycling of their equipment a painless and cost effective process.

“Last year, Market Velocity managed the recycling of over 1200 tons of IT and consumer electronics equipment,” explains Mark Eigenbauer, President of Market Velocity. “Being green is smart business, we saved our clients the cost of managing their own recycling initiatives and supporting legacy products. We helped them to displace competitive brands, increase sales and mitigate the risks of having their products associated with toxic waste and illegal disposal issues. Their customers enjoyed the highest trade-in values and were able to buy the latest technologies. Both consumers and manufacturers were able to conveniently reduce their carbon footprint. It is really a win-win situation for everyone and we’re proud of what we do.”

As the leading provider of online asset recovery services, Market Velocity offers tailored recycling, trade-in and donation solutions for technology manufacturers, retailers, resellers and consumers. For the past decade, the company has helped its clients to reduce the environmental impact of technology disposal by ensuring that end-of-life products are reused, properly recycled or donated.

“Through our TradeUps® solutions, our clients can give their customers a convenient way to get maximum value for their old equipment to offset the purchase of new technology,” continues Mr. Eigenbauer. “If it has no value, we help them recycle responsibly and dispose of recyclable components according to EPA guidelines. We handle all the program logistics for our clients, allowing them to focus on their core business.”

Market Velocity offers completely customizable solutions, which include standard features like instant value quoting, returns, payment and rebate processing, and the collection and analysis of buying data. More and more companies are including these services as part of their environmental marketing strategies because they combine convenient social responsibility with a cost-effective and sustainable competitive market advantage. In these challenging economic times, this combination makes green initiatives even more attractive and helps companies become environmental stewards.

Through a vast network of remarketers, Market Velocity offers the most competitive values for tens of thousands of used products while providing asset disposal options that meet the industry’s highest standards. Our solution, allows consumers to quickly and easily trade-in or recycle their used consumer electronics products for free, online.

About Market Velocity

Market Velocity, the leading provider of turn-key, web-enabled recycling, asset recovery, trade-in, and donation solutions for Fortune 1000 and consumer electronics manufacturers, and a wholly owned subsidiary of Mediagrif Interactive Technologies Inc. (TSX: MDF), makes it simple for technology companies, distributors and resellers to drive new sales and increase market share with creatively packaged, online equipment upgrade programs. Market Velocity’s clients are able to attract new buyers with exciting trade-in promotions while offering existing customers compelling, instant trade-in values for previous purchases through Market Velocity’s vast network of remarketers. Customized trade-in sites are integrated with in-depth services and customer support to manage every aspect of trade-in programs, from promotion design through payments processing and extensive market data analysis. End users have multiple equipment disposal options including donations and recycling programs that meet the industry’s highest standards for safety and privacy. Visit to learn more about the industry’s only full-service, web-based solution for trade-in programs and launch your upgrade campaign today.

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