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With our TradeUps® Solutions, offer your customers the industry's leading end-to-end services for asset recycling, trade-in and donation.

In today's demanding business environment, your customers want a competitive advantage, convenience and the best possible value. Now you can deliver on all counts with Market Velocity's TradeUps® solutions.

Market Velocity allows you to offer your customers enticing trade in programs and solutions for the disposal of their end-of-life assets.

  • Generate trade in value for end of life equipment to be used for the purchase of your latest technology
  • Convenient recycling and disposal of unwanted assets with minimum impact on the environment.
  • Charitable donations that demonstrate your company’s commitment to people in need.

Guarantee your customers these benefits and more by offering our compelling and environmentally friendly trade-in programs and solutions as your own fully-branded, value-add services.

We make success easy and cost-effective for you by developing and managing all aspects of your tailored, purpose-driven program - including website development, branded, toll-free customer service, rebate and proof-of-purchase processing, removal of asset tags and data scrubbing, logistics and management of relationships with remarketers and recyclers.

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  1. Strengthens your reputation as an environmentally-conscious company offering green solutions
  2. Empowers you to create value for unwanted and obsolete end-of-life electronics
  3. Motivates your customers and prospects to upgrade sooner and more often
  4. Drives new sales and effectively motivates customers to switch to your product.
  5. Increases market share, credibility and brand loyalty
  6. Enables you to offer your customers an online, one-stop shop for trade-ins, recycling and donation
  7. Lowers your costs of supporting and servicing legacy products
  8. Reduces your operating expenses and saves you the costs, effort and time associated with managing your own programs
  9. Augments your sales strategy with a persuasive tool that allows you to target specific competitive brands
  10. Enables you to assist communities and non-profit organizations by providing them the equipment they need to succeed
TradeUps™ Solutions

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