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We team up with the best remarketers, brokers and liquidators in the business.

Would you enjoy the additional business and credibility that comes from partnering with the industry's leading end-to-end solutions provider for trade-in, recycling and donation of limited value assets?

Can your company add value to our solutions and our clients? Are you committed to green solutions and operating according to the highest environmental standards for asset liquidation? Do you remarket or offer similar remarketing services?

If so, you may be able to join our extensive network of affiliates, alliances and partners. Find out today by completing our Partnership Enrollment form. Approved applicants will gain access to Market Velocity's state-of-the-art Partner website. This site enables your personnel to update trade values, view which products are in transit to your warehouses, log receipts of products, communicate the results of audits and discrepancies - and more.

To become a Market Velocity Disposition Partner your company must:

  • Be incorporated for at least three years
  • Offer refurbishment services and have the means to deliver them effectively
  • Service at least three of our product categories
  • Operate a facility and systems necessary to effectively process and track large quantities of equipment, as well as single unit transactions
  • Actively comply with all applicable laws, rules, regulations and ordinances concerning disposal or recycling of all non-functioning and non-repairable used equipment
  • Adhere to the highest standards for clearing and sanitizing magnetic media, per Department of Defense (DOD), Level 5
  • Always remove all affixed asset tags and comply with all licensing laws and third party intellectual property rights related to reselling of software (i.e. OEM software)
  • Maintain true, accurate and legible books and records of your processes, procedures and policies, as well as all financial aspects of transactions with Market Velocity, its clients and its client's customers AND grant Market Velocity and its representatives the right to audit and make extracts of such books and records
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Cell Phones • PDA/Smart Phones • Laptops • Desktop PCs • Workstations & Tablet PCs • Digital Cameras • Servers (Intel and non-Intel based) • Large Flat Panel Displays & Monitors • Network equipment • Printers (Dot Matrix, Laser, Line, Multi-function, Plotter) • Projectors • Storage Devices • MP3 • Gaming Systems • GPS • and more!