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Market Velocity is the leading provider of web-enabled, end-to-end solutions for asset recovery, reuse, recycling and donation. Market Velocity has been providing these solutions to Fortune 500 companies such as HP, Sony, RIM, InFocus, Samsung and others for over eight years.

Our goal is to provide convenient, comprehensive, high quality asset recovery solutions that allow our clients to focus on their core competencies of developing and marketing state-of-the-art IT and consumer electronic products.

Our flagship TradeUps® solution includes the following services:

  • Reuse/Trade-In is a fully integrated solution that allows companies to get the most value from their current IT and electronic equipment. It is a safe and environmentally friendly way to dispose of limited value assets. Trade-in values are displayed instantaneously and the entire process is completed online using intuitive web-based technology, superior supporting services and an exclusive network of disposition partners - all in one cost-effective package.
  • Recycling is a safe, easy and green way to dispose of assets that no longer have a trade-in value. Market Velocity ensures that a) all products are recycled in accordance with the most current EPA guidelines, b) your data is scrubbed according to the latest Department of Defense guidelines, and c) you can receive Certificate of Destructions as evidence of the secure disposition of your hard drives.
  • Donation demonstrates your company's philanthropic commitment to people in need and provides a way for your customers to make room for new upgrades and purchases sooner without experiencing buyer's remorse. As a proven means of boosting sales of new technologies, promoting donation services provides a channel for your customers to help their community and receive a tax deduction.
  • Promotions are an excellent marketing tool to drive sales and remove legacy and competitive products from the market. Market Velocity offers customizable, web-enabled trade-in and recycling promotions that enable your customers to conveniently take advantage of compelling rebates toward the purchase of their new technology. We also provide them with a safe and easy disposal method for their used equipment.
  • Large trade deals are handled by Market Velocity's Large Trade Solution team. At Market Velocity we realize that one size doesn't fit all. We have years of experience working with manufacturers, resellers and end users on opportunities that involve complex deals with high quantities or values of products, extended product rollouts and products located in multiple locations.
  • Comprehensive Reporting provides you the ability to gather critical information on every customer that takes advantage of your asset recovery program. Market Velocity provides you with in-depth reporting on all information gathered during trade-in, recycle and donation processes. You can then use this data to track valuable data like purchasing trends, type and size of customers using the program, how they heard about the program, their timeline for purchasing new product, etc.

Intense competitive pressure. Price-conscious end users. Mature markets. Shrinking profit margins and shorter product life cycles. There are many reasons why today's technology manufacturers, distributors and resellers choose Market Velocity. As the industry's only complete online trade-in solution, we help them to move new products faster by continually winning customers from competitors while building loyalty among their installed base. As effective motivators to exchange old equipment for new products, our compelling promotions are a proven way to boost sales without the significant expense, effort, expertise and resources required to run and manage your own internal asset recovery programs.

Market Velocity's unique web-based solution employs state-of-the-art, fully customizable trade-in websites that deliver all of the services required to launch and maintain upgrade programs including:

  • Instant value assessments and quotes
  • Highly competitive values for used products
  • Returns and payments processing
  • Collection, analysis and reporting of data associated with every transaction
  • Multiple disposal options including recycling, trade-in and donation programs
  • Ensuring data safety and privacy according to the industry's highest standards
  • Expert development and deployment of effective promotions that increase sales and market share
  • High quality, branded toll-free customer service and support

Your customers simply visit the fully branded website that Market Velocity develops for you. They conveniently and quickly enter information about their used IT or consumer electronics products and immediately receive a quote. After completing the transaction online, they send their proof of purchase of your new product and ship their old equipment using the prepaid labels provided by Market Velocity. We will then send them a rebate check or gift card. It is that easy.

Our list of satisfied clients includes such large OEM companies as HP, Sony, Research In Motion, Ricoh, Okidata, InFocus, Xerox, NEC and Mitsubishi, to name a few. These industry giants recognize the value that Market Velocity's solutions deliver to them and their customers.

Market Velocity's solutions span all customer segments. Our solutions are designed to service consumers, small to mid-size business and enterprise accounts. We understand that one size does not always fit all and we work with our clients and their customers to provide tailored solutions that meet their unique needs and requirements.

Market Velocity supports a wide variety of IT and consumer electronics categories. Click here for a complete list of our product categories.

Traded: Products that have a trade-in value are shipped to one of our trusted remarketing partners. The life of the equipment is extended by removing all personal/corporate data, refurbishing the units and then reselling them as used and refurbished products.

Recycled: Products that no longer have a trade-in value are recycled responsibility according to the latest guidelines published by the EPA.

Donated: Donated products are matched to a pre-screened network of charities and schools throughout North America to support education, training for job skills, independence and hope.

Market Velocity partners with a vast network of remarketers across the US and Canada. Our expansive network ensures that your customers can ship products to the closest location and save on shipping and handling costs. We secure our highly competitive values for used products by enabling our partners to bid online on our exclusive Partner website. They can always see the highest bid for the products they want to secure and can conveniently increase bids to provide the highest values to your customers.

First, we provide instructions to the user trading in the product on how to properly erase their personal/company data. Second, our remarketing partners conduct a thorough data scrub of the hard drive to ensure the data is no longer accessible. Nonfunctioning hard drives are dismantled or shredded.

No. Market Velocity has the capacity to handle large, complex deals involving many thousands of different units. Our Large Trade Solution team can help you to expertly manage larger opportunities.

Market Velocity has an established and proven model for processing large, complex transactions. Our highly qualified team has years of experience handling large-scale trade transactions. We have a toll free number and a custom email address for your customers to contact our Large Deal Team about their large quantity quote requirements. Our team will contact them directly or via your sales or reseller representative per your preference and provide your customer with a comprehensive quote and associated shipping and logistics information.

By deploying one of our compelling, fully-branded asset recovery solutions, you will effectively be providing benefits to your customers. Help them to avoid a fragmented, complex and tedious process in favor of a centralized, fully-automated, convenient solution defined by:

  • Ease of use: User friendly, web-based, end-to-end online solution
  • Immediacy of information: Provides instant values - not estimates - for used equipment
  • Efficiency: Eliminates paperwork and manual processes
  • Choices and convenience: Your customers can choose to trade-in, donate or recycle
  • Value: Your customers can recover value to offset new purchases and supplement limited budgets
  • Helpfulness: End-users have the opportunity to recycle their used products in a safe, environmentally friendly manner or donate them to help those in need

By deploying one of our fully-branded asset recovery solutions, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Increased sales, market share and brand loyalty
  • Competitive displacement across multiple market segments and product categories
  • Fewer legacy products (and associated support costs)
  • Enhanced marketing leverage
  • Maximum return on your marketing investment
  • Customer data mining
  • Decreased liability in regards to the improper disposal of zero value products

... and there's more! You will also be able to:

  • Profitably demonstrate your company's commitment to environmental responsibility and social responsibility
  • Add value to new products without lowering prices or affecting Sales Rep commissions
  • Calculate complex promotional formulas automatically based upon your requirements
  • Potentially realize a significant increase in profits by lowering new technology acquisition cost instead of offering discount dollars (one of our clients saved $16M annually)

EPA WasteWise - WasteWise is a voluntary EPA program for organizations that have programs (or would like to establish a program) to actively eliminate costly municipal solid waste and select industrial wastes. WasteWise is a flexible program that allows partners to design waste reduction programs tailored to their needs.

FedEx - Market Velocity has partnered with FedEx for over eight years to ensure the cost-effective shipping of used and unwanted equipment. Market Velocity offers free onsite pick-up in the home or office.

UPS - We affiliated with UPS to ensure that our clients can use their carrier of preference in their Market Velocity solution.

National Cristina Foundation - The National Cristina Foundation is a not-for-profit foundation dedicated to the support of training through donated technology. For more than two decades NCF has encouraged companies and individuals to donate computers and other technology. The organization matches and distributes donated equipment to charities, schools and public agencies in all 50 states, as well as in Canada and other countries around the world.

Collective Good - Collective Good is the mobile devices recycling resource.

We invite you to contact one of our representatives by calling 770-325-6300 or sending an email.

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