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Market Velocity's TradeUps®: Large Deal Trades Success Stories

With our solutions, you can run flexible promotions through multiple channels for single unit trade-ins to large-scale, enterprise-level opportunities. Read how our TradeUps® Large Deal Solution significantly benefited some of our clients on high volume deals.

Opportunity: A global professional services firm with over 100,000 professionals in over 150 countries needed to upgrade over 3000 field laptops to the latest technology. They had no internal staff or resources to manage the collection, packaging, shipment or asset disposal of the older equipment. That created an opportunity for our client - a reseller - to leverage our TradeUps® solution.

Benefit: The reseller partnered with our TradeUps® Large Deal team to tailor a solution for the trade-in of the 3000 laptops. Market Velocity sent the trade-in proceeds to the reseller who was able to offer their customer a remarkable price since it was net of the trade-in value. To help to ensure the deal, we also facilitated packing the old equipment in the new product boxes and shipping them from many locations across the country. As a result of our TradeUps® Trade-In Solution, our client was able to provide value-added services, offer their customer $680K in rebates and secure the sale for over $6M in new laptops.

Opportunity: With distribution in over 80 countries, a leading beverage manufacturer wanted to replace plotters (printing devices) at more than 400 locations across the United States. The company also needed help to remove the oversized equipment from each facility. Our client wanted to displace the competition by recycling the used products in order to reap the rewards of annuity maintenance and supply revenues.

Benefit: Working with our client's commercial sales team, our TradeUps® Large Deal Desk made arrangements with specialized carriers to package and ship the plotters to a central recycling facility from over 400 locations around the country. In order to successfully displace their competitor, our client absorbed the best-available deal for shipping and recycling leveraging Market Velocity's carrier partnerships. Using TradeUps® cost-effective Recycling solution, our client was able to reap over $4M in net new product sales while offering his customer an environmentally friendly and responsible option for asset disposal.

Opportunity: A leading brokerage firm with over 19,000 associates wanted to upgrade 5,000 desktops and 1,200 monitors. The existing machines were running various operating systems and the firm wanted all new desktops to convert to the latest OS. Due to the sensitivity of financial information contained on the old machines, the firm needed extra precautions and security measures to be implemented in the transfer of critical data to the new machines. 

Benefit: To ensure the protection of the client's sensitive data, the TradeUps® Large Deal team provided secure deinstallation services (expertly wiping the hard drives clean and preparing them for shipping). We also seamlessly implemented all new installations while managing all associated logistics, including the asset disposition management. Our Trade-In solution helped the brokerage firm save over $200K on a $6.7M investment in the purchase and installation of 7,500 new desktops and monitors.

Opportunity: Serving over 32.5 million customers nationwide, a leading telecom services provider wanted to upgrade 650 desktop computers. Using our TradeUps® Trade-In Solution, our client was running an attractive 1-for-1 trade-in promotion that offered free shipping and handling to all customers trading in an older desktop and purchasing a new desktop.

Benefit: The telecom provider took advantage of our client's TradeUps® powered promotion. Our client was effortlessly able to offer a $36K rebate and secure the sale of over $500K of new desktop machines.

Opportunity: A trusted advisor to 300 public clients and 3000 private firms, a leading law firm wanted to upgrade and replace 850 printers in three locations. The printers consisted of over 25 different models and/or manufacturers and the firm was seeking to increase internal efficiency by using centralized departmental printers made by one manufacturer.

Benefit: Working closely with the firm's commercial sales team, TradeUps® Large Deal team was able to assess the expansive equipment list and secure optimal trade-in values for each of the 850 printers. As a result, the law firm was able to achieve their organizational objective of increased efficiency while taking advantage of $150K in savings on the purchase of $800K in new workgroup printers.

Opportunity: With a global network of more than 20,000 team members in 1,100 locations, the world's leading provider of document solutions and business services needed to replace and upgrade over 300 large printers at 300 different locations.

Benefit: Our TradeUps® Large Deal team worked with the client's commercial sales team to collect and ship these units from the 300 locations. TradeUps® secured a trade-in value of over $300K on the used units to offset the purchase of $2.4M in new printers.

Opportunity: At the forefront of child protection and advocacy for over six decades, the world's leading children's organization depends on high-performance, multi-environment, modular and scalable hard drive systems. The organization needed to refresh four HP MA8000 StorageWorks devices within the confines of a limited budget.

Benefit: Our client's sales representative partnered with Market Velocity to secure the best deals available on both trade-in and consignment. The resulting value and cost savings enabled our client to sell over $300K in new enterprise storage devices.

Opportunity: As a leader in delivering broadband and communication innovations, a Dow 30 company was operating one of the most expansive wholly-owned global IP networks to service its 53 million wireline and wireless customers nationwide. The company used Sun brand 9980 disk arrays with cabinets and caching. They were ready to upgrade and our client was trying to displace Sun and gain a major account.

Benefit: We helped our client to secure over $30K on the trade-in of the Sun devices - an impressive value that enabled our client to win the account, make a significant sale and gain thousands of dollars of new storage business.

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